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Off external sites: PCSX-test3. All files downloaded, now it's time to install them. Double click 'PCSX-test3.

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When it's mounted simply drag the 'PCSX' file into your applications folder. Read the 'ReadMe! Now un-mount the disk image. Now, open up PCSX. It should open up normally but complain about a missing BIOS.

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Now, close PCSX. This step creates the neccesary location for us to put the BIOS files into. Double click 'Playstation Bios Files. Bring up a new finder window and navigate to: Your user account name e. You're not done yet, we still need to change the preferences.

PS1 Emulator for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

So open up PCSX. Now then. This bit's simple. Take your PS1 game.


Put it in the CD drive. OK, tried most of my PS1 games, and the only one that worked was Oddworld - and that didn't really work. There were just a few opening images hitching on the screen. I couldn't get to the point of actually playing a game, and if I did, it looks like the performance would have been far, far too poor to actually play it.

The 'screen' is just a smallish wind in the center of the actual screen. Good thing a still have a PS 1 floating around here, somewhere.

FINAL FANTASY X - Playstation 2 (PS2) iso download |

It not the large grey one - it's the little white one with a detachable screen. Well, I did all that, and things seemed to have gone well. I installed everything according to the instructions provided and found all the instructions said I should, blah blah, blah, blah I bought the Superdrive with it, but am too lazy just now to get up out of bed, find it, plug it in Dig out my PS1 collection Which is pretty good, by the way. I still have about two hundred games left This was back in the mids, so I may be remembering the name wrong I passed on the chance to buy a copy, had no PC then; my new ish Gateway was in storage.

Later, I found a copy of it on the Internet - a trial copy with no sound. The image was tiny, and I was no so certain about how the controls worked. Reply 6 years ago on Step 6. Well, I got out my drive and PS1 games.

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I tried two titles thus far, and both did not work. MK Trilogy did nothing at all, and MoH brought up a window that was blank.

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  • Anyway, thank for your help - maybe there's something about the MBA that will not allow it to work. Installation Instructions 1.

    Download the zip file. Download the required zip file from the download button below. Decompress the zip file.

    ePSXe 2.0.5 Emulator Setup Tutorial & Best Configuration Guide - Play PS1 Games On Your PC

    Decompress the downloaded file in a location of your choosing. Run the installer. Select the display language before thoroughly reading and agreeing to the user agreement.

    Ff xii ps2 iso

    NET Framework 4. NET Framework installer will boot up at this point. This software is required to run the Benchmark, so please install it. Once the Benchmark compatibility test is completed, you can check your score. See below for a breakdown of what the scores mean. A high frame rate is possible and even richer graphical settings can be used. A high frame rate is possible and even higher quality graphical settings can be used. It should run smoothly, even at higher graphics settings. Adjustments to the graphics settings are recommended if possible.

    Adjustments to the graphics settings are recommended.