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Enter the model number at the top to learn just about everything about your device, including camera sensor size and on-board sensors. The official pages for iPhones , iPads , and iPods should come in handy too.

Apple is usually keen to list some specs for its devices while being very cagey about others. If you check out the comparison charts for iPhones and iPads you get a wealth of information, including CPU and resolution details. To plug the gaps, head to the web.


Launch the Settings app from the Start menu, select System , and if you go to the About tab you can read plenty of details about your Windows machine, including the amount of RAM and the processor installed. Obviously if you have a purchase receipt somewhere in your inbox then that should tell you most of what you need to know.

Plenty of alternatives are available too, including the user-friendly Speccy , which can report on the temperatures of your internal components as well as their specs. Mac machines are some of the easiest to identify, thanks to the limited number that Apple puts out and the comprehensive diagnostic tools already built into the OS.

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Michelle Luhtala, a school librarian in New Canaan, Connecticut, has noticed that much of her own work has transitioned from the computer to her smartphone. Repairing permissions: What you need to know When it comes to Mac OS X troubleshooting and maintenance, Repairing permissions may be the most frequently recommended course of action.


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Explain Everything - Making Tech Simple One of the most important features of creation applications such as Explain Everything is the ability to export projects. Guide: How to solve Yosemite memory leaks and C I post this hoping to help those users who, like me, are experiencing high CPU usage and massive memory leaking with OS X core services and apps, leading to slow performance and battery drain.

I've tried everything mentioned, but found the right combination of steps to follow. I've tried this with seven different Apple computers, including mine, and has worked well so far.

Apple Serial Number Search

Feb 23, 2 Madison, GA. Go to About This Mac and then more information. Your serial number is on the bottom of the first window. MowingDevil said:. Oct 30, 0.

Oct 15, 3, 4 Los Angeles, CA. Thats odd, under About this Mac my machine is 2. Anyone know why there would be discrepancy?

Mac Serial Number Info - Lookup your Apple Serial Number

Dec 4, 1 0. I could not find any mention of this serial at the stolen gear site. Maybe it's legit. I do not want a stolen macbook. Can anyone help?