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I know that many of you removed Redhook from the Washington beer equation years ago because of its involvement with Anheuser-Busch, so you are not exactly in mourning. As it had planned to do for years, Redhook moved all of its production to the big CBA facility in Portland; it had nothing to do with a bubble bursting or the industry collapsing. Again, I know that many of you removed Elysian Brewing from the Washington beer equation when Anheuser-Busch acquired the long-beloved hometown brewery in Only 10 breweries in Washington produced more than 10, barrels in In Georgetown Brewing increased production from about 55, barrels to about 65, barrels.

Fremont Brewing was another big mover in , with an increase of nearly 13, barrels over the previous year.

This fast-growing craft brewer sells no cans or bottles

They are not even in the top 50 in terms of barrel production. In Washington, we have a lot of breweries but no really big breweries. For comparison sake, in Sierra Nevada Brewing produced 1. Oregon has five breweries that are larger than our biggest brewery. Washington is home to approximately breweries. Only about 70 of those breweries produce more than 1, barrels per year. That is, about 80 percent of the breweries in Washington produce less than 1, barrels per year.

It dropped to No. Through kegs alone, Georgetown managed to expand from Rainier Brewing Co. We popped into Georgetown Brewing Co. How long did it take you to develop your business model and determine that it was the route you wanted to take? When we first started, it was a different industry. Back then, it was established breweries with big flagship brands. One of the things we started to talk about in the very beginning was that there were a lot of ambers in the market. One of the things we started to notice was that a lot of our friends who were amber drinkers and hefeweizen drinkers were starting to drink pale ales or something a little bit more challenging.

The one thing that we looked at in our home state was that there were two popular pales ales in Washington state: Both of them are great beers, but both of them are from out of state. For us, it was about finding that niche.

Our Beers — Mac & Jack's Brewing Company

That was our go-to strategy. From the very beginning, it was just about that one beer For us, it was just about focusing on that one brand and getting our distributors to focus on one thing instead of handing them a hundred different brands to sell. If we could do that, then maybe we could have success. At what point did you figure out that you had something going? I remember it got to the point where we could brew once a week and we were selling 30 kegs a week. It was very incremental that way. I think our first year we sold 1, barrels, and that sounds pretty good for draft.

watch We were pretty aggressive in getting out there and meeting restaurant owners and bar owners. But that seems to be the stage where a brewery can exhale and decide that it wants to do ounce bottles or mixed packs. What made you resist that urge and stay the course? We were able to start this brewery and finance it on a shoestring budget and do it ourselves organically by reinvesting in the company. Neither Roger nor I are big-time spenders.

Year Round Beers

City officials chose Diva Espresso for the Hangar because they wanted a local coffee company with a track record of success, he said. Diva Espresso, which started in with one shop at Greenwood Avenue North and North 80th Street in Seattle, has since expanded in north and downtown Seattle, and has a franchise location at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It roasts its coffee beans at its warehouse in North Seattle.

At its Kenmore location, Diva Espresso intends to offer coffee drinks, as well as food items, ice cream and — in a first for the coffee chain — beer and wine. But then it saw the Hangar building coming together.

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Despite continued sluggish world trade and the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping, U. TEUs, or foot equivalent units, are the industry standard measure for shipping containers. Outbound loads from Seattle and Tacoma rose 5. The annual total was the strongest performance by any U.

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The longer picture for U. West Coast ports is more sobering, according to a story in the Journal of Commerce.

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Another big problem is that Vancouver and especially Prince Rupert, B. Jon Talton: