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Folder Icons Mac

Keep up the very good work! I really do appreciate your updates.

Never miss a single article, review or tutorial here on AskDaveTaylor, sign up for my fun weekly newsletter! Please enter all required fields. Correct invalid entries. However, I have found that when a third party app has an update, the icon reverts back to its original state. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

All the folders are back to the default black blue folder icon. Can anyone help? Please log in again.

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How to restore icons default on mac

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Customize Finder Preferences

Is the white background only showing on the icon view folder on the desktop for example , or when you copy and open the particular icon image again it has actually lost its transparency? The first, I think. A white background shows up even though the PNG had none in Photoshop.

It appears in the Get Info window when I paste the PNG there from the image, as if it has lost its transparency, and then that white is in the new folder icon. Hmmmm… Not sure about that one. Perhaps someone else here can try? So I have installed Catalina It works only for web locations.

Personalize Your Mac by Changing Desktop Icons

Any thoughts, anyone? Dear Tom, The method you suggest does not work for me. Catalina installed on my MacBook will not permit changes to icons of any kind even using a custom icns icon. This is a genuine OS bug. I have tested that by replicating the same problem on an iMac at a local Mac reseller. For that reason [I use custom icons for shortcuts to printer and scanner functions] and because SketchUp is not yet supported I have not installed Catalina on my iMac.

Do you know if Catalina I was having the same problem trying to restore my old drive icons. I did not know about ICNS files, and the app works like a charm.