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The tiny black connectors power I think are very tight.

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I had to remove about 3 of them and the tweezers were really not all that helpful. Good strong fingernails were the key. Also when putting the internal frame back onto the main board of the mac mini, put the 4 screws in place before you drop it down. If you try to put the screws on after you put the the internal frame, you will never get the screws to go into the holes. I tried for 15 minutes to get 1 screw into a hole, until I decided it just would not work. So I took the internal frame back out and dropped the screws in first and that worked fine. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit.

IF Identify your Mac. Intel Mac mini Model A Fan. A-Stock used parts are in excellent condition. Notify me Out of Stock.

My New Mac Mini Plex Server!

Product Details. Description Description. Replace your defective Mac Mini fan! Specifications Specifications Part:. Warranty Warranty Lifetime Warranty. Mac Mini Model A 1. Repair Stories. Mac mini from , CPU fan noisy.

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My Problem I think the bearinga in the fan wore out and it was getting pretty noisy. My Fix It was pretty obvious, it is frightening to open the housing first. My Problem i've been running a rig with 2 Mac Mini's.

My Fix flawless My Advice newer is not always better. Noisy fan MacMini, Intel. My Problem It has been running for 4 years and sounded like it was on its way to die.

Turn a Mac mini into a media server with Plex

Noisy 'ol blighter! Canada's Mac, iPod and iPhone Community! Urban living in Toronto! Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Tweet this thread. Mark Forums Read. Mac Mini CPU loud fan question? User Name. Remember Me?

Kirkville - Turn a Mac mini into a media server with Plex

Thread Tools. Oct Posts: Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Mar Posts: Mar Location: Brossard, Quebec Posts: What really made me ask this question is, why out days the fan went loud only for couple of times. Why it didn't went loud much earlier as a common practise. My colleague who have another Mini never complained me about his cpu fan going loud. Looking for more explanation. May Location: Brentwood Bay BC Posts: Does it not boot up when the fan goes outlout on start up? You might be looking at hardware issues..

If the fan goes outloud during usage, then it is normal depending what you are doing on the computer. But the fan will spin up when plex server is transcoding or i'm making a movie in iMovies. Posting Rules. Similar Threads. Mac Mini Question. May 2nd, Extra security? It's worth mentioning that this whole setup is always behind my Router and Firewall - only the ports for Plex and OpenVPN are forwarded. An Intel NUC seems like it might fit the bill: Inspired by this reddit thread; https: The device itself is a tiny board mounted to a metal sled that acts a heatsink for both the SBC and harddrive.

For my setup, I just want a way to store video capture on my home network with backup to a completely different device. They sell the HC-1 which is the same specs but designed for a 2. A couple of GB SSD drives will be enough for the boot drives for everything and then you can use a NAS for the backups and other data with some big spinning drives. Any modern hardware is fine as long as it has the virtualization features and AES-NI enabled, basically anything in a business type desktop with on board hardware RAID. You want your storage for the VMWare storage volume to be reliable.

Could you just go with a Synology NAS instead? How configurable do you need this server? Or perhaps both? If it did MTP it could offer both at the same time. Still, very cool idea. And for me, sadly, it doesn't offer multiple drives at once. Drizzt wrote: That's super cool. And for me, sadly, it doesn't offer multiple drives at once From what I understand, internally it has two USB3 controllers but they used one for the sata connection and the other for the GB ethernet -- which was a good call IMO.

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It is definitely a kickass little board for the right application. Just would be cool to have it be able to be DAS for super fast copy over, then pull it off and drop it on the network. It'd be super cool if they would hang 2 or 4 SATA off the 1 USB so you could do multiple spinning disks for larger sized mass storage network systems. But for the DIY person awesome.

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Why the size requirement? Does it need to fit somewhere? Are you OK with having a separate large power brick? And your external drives all require wall warts too. Size is an issue because I have all my network stuff on a small table hidden under a larger table, and I'd prefer not to rejigger that setup Intel NUC is my leading candidate so far.

To this end I'm installing Ubuntu on my existing MacBook Air server to make sure the setup is doable before upgrading to better hardware. Samba 4. Zotac has some small fanless boxes that might just fit the bill. They aren't terribly expensive either. As of fairly recently, Plex Media Server will use Intel Quicksync to hardware-offload video transcoding, so the fairly hefty CPU requirements you have in the back of your head are no longer a thing.

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No USB3 though, which should be fine for backups but not so much for actually using that storage. I agree that the best choice would be a NAS.

Intel Mac mini (Model A1176) Fan

Note that does not include storage. Hmm, latest version of Plex definitely doesn't seem to do this on the MacBook Air. My Air can just barely manage real-time p encoding if I used the fastest encoding setting in Plex, and it maxes out both CPUs and the fans kick into wind-tunnel mode.