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  1. How to Run Mac OS X Inside Windows Using VirtualBox: 7 Steps
  2. Install Mac OS X 10.6.5 Snow Leopard on VirtualBox–Several Issues Fixed
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Its been there for quite some time now.

How to Run Mac OS X Inside Windows Using VirtualBox: 7 Steps

What could be the problem? I entered all the code right, it all executed. Sarib — I found that Windows 10 had Hyper-V installed by default.

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I removed it with the following command at the Administrator command prompt:. Then, search for Intel Virtualization Technology, and make sure its turned on. I am having the same issue as Sakina above. I followed everything exactly as instructed but when I run my virtual machine I get a completely blank black screen with no dialogue.

Hi, What do I do if I download the 5 parts instead of the one full file? Do I just use one part? What will I do, Thank you in advance! What is the file type suppose to be after I unzip it do I need to add the operating system to the vm by myself or is it done after I type in the codes in my command prompt? What can i do please help me. I had my VM running correctly for a few days. But recently during the boot up period I get the following message.

Any ideas on how to resolve it? Hello Jake. So far, so good. I am at step two in step five. Am I supposed to write all the code in manually? I have tried to paste the code in but it will not paste. I guess I am missing something or doing something wrong, I just do not know.

Install Mac OS X 10.6.5 Snow Leopard on VirtualBox–Several Issues Fixed

Also, after I pasted the code from your given example in to Notepad, I replaced the text with my virtual machine name. Do I replace the quotation marks as well or insert my name inbetween them and leave the quotation marks in the altered code? First, close virtualbox!!! Close cmd and open virtualbox again.

All went perfect!! So no mistakes! Thanks a 1.

I did make the. Hello, I have a problem when starting the system. Getting an error from the links to Onedrive, says the file has been downloaded too many times and now it is not available to anyone else. May need to reupload. Some error message showing up. Any mirror link for this?

You could try to copy the file to your own google drive. If you guys get the downloads exceeded message do this: — Save the file to your google drive — Make a copy of your file — Download the copy of the file. Thanks very much for sharing it. It works great! It seems I can even upgrade to a later version of Mac OS in the image, just like installing some new softwares. I am updating … following the app store suggestions. Select Disk Utility Select your disk on the left side. This will create a partition on your disk Quit Disk Utility and continue with installation.

Then i came about your tips.

And it worked like charm. Thank very much!!! Love you!!! My need is very simple.

How to install Mac OS X on VirtualBox in Windows

I want to run imessage on my windows desktop. That is literally all I want to accomplish. Will this procedure allow me to do that, or will I have to install something more? Awesome work. Awesome tutorial, however I am having some issues when I get to the command prompt part of the tutorial.

Mac Os Sierra Icon Pack For Windows 10

I suspect it is because I actually save all my virtual machines on another drive. So in that case, what would be the proper way to direct command prompt? Is there an alternate location where the files are available? I had the same problem. It definitely works. Why not just save the file containing VirtualBox code as a.

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Spares a lot of time. I went through a lot of pages, but this is the only one that had a real solution. Thanks for the info! It solved my issue. You will be redirected to the Google Drive page but there you can only see a text file. Please look forward to this matter. Hey if I do this will all my files in windows go and will apps like iMessage work in the Mac version so I can connect it to my phone. March 18, 17 Minutes By Jake Kovoor. Note This guide is using macOS Sierra So if you are alright with letting your computer run all night to download the 5GB file then you can go for this The 5 of 5 download link has the entire macOS Sierra The first thing that you should do is go ahead and install WinRAR.

Then select Extract Here. Like this. Next click on New which you can see to your upper left-hand side. Now all you have to do is follow on by adding each of the below details into each of the fields. So first tap on Settings. Then, you should be able to see General to your right-hand side, so put everything into default there. After that, under General , you should be able to see the System. Click that. You just have to follow what I selected for each of the fields based on the pictures below. Note Now close your VirtualBox. Then proceed with the next step.

Code for Virtualbox 5. Now, all that you have to do is find your Command Prompt cmd and Run as an administrator. Finally, add the code one by one into your Command Prompt.